The Billionaire’s Puppy – The Complete Collection – Review

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This collection contains all eighteen installments of the Billionaire’s Puppy series – a dark erotic fantasy featuring extreme bdsm, puppy play, domination, and a handsome billionaire whose moral compass has completely malfunctioned…

Rex is tired of gold diggers and boyfriends who refuse to get kinky with him. He wants someone he can come home to and use however he wants, without all the drama of a relationship. Without having to worry that they’ll say no…

(This 100,000 word erotic series features bondage, puppy play, leather, boot fetish, muscle worship, rough sex and a whole lot more!)


“What do you mean, within reason?” Rex asked, curious and a little weary about the caveat.

“The contract is not in his favor. It specifies that the use of safewords is at your discretion. Anything that causes lasting harm – maiming, scars, loss of function – will incur penalties that are predetermined in the contract.”

“He agreed to that?” Rex asked, a little incredulous. He had no desire whatsoever to do anything that would cause that kind of damage.

“He’s quite desperate. He feels that not doing this would be letting his family down.”

Rex grinned. He’d need to meet the boy first, but that was just a formality. Miranda knew him well, and he had no doubt that the boy would be perfect.

“Is he gay?” he asked, suddenly realizing that Cody might not even be interested in men. The idea sent a shiver of arousal down his spine. Taking someone so reluctant yet technically willing… it was unexpectedly thrilling.

“Yes, but he’s not out of the closet. I didn’t get the impression he has much experience with men at all.”