His Space Slave: A SciFi Alphahole Alien Romance (The Alien’s Vengeance Book 1) – Review

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Everything they tell you about the origin story has been lies. The Earth we’ve known turns out to be a refuge planet. Now our location has been exposed in the galaxy and the hung barbaric Lukrazians are here to claim what’s theirs.

Liam, a space secret agent, is entrusted with the fate of humanity to get to the Lukrazians leader’s good side. He has no idea he’s in for the ride of his lifetime that is going to stretch all his limits.

Ka’al is hard to deceive and even harder to resist. Especially when Liam’s on his knees before his majesty. Liam might be well-trained but all resistance is futile when it comes to the alpha alien’s massive laser gun and intoxicating charm.

Liam is ready to risk it all for his people. But what would he do when the alpha alien king demands his innocence and for him to bear his heirs?

His Space Slave is standalone Book 1 of The Alien’s Vengeance and it’s HEA and no cheating guaranteed.